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Western Myanmar

Mrauk U (Myohaung)

Mrauk U is the second most famous archeological site. It was founded by King Mong Saw Mon in 1430. Mrauk U is a city with hundred of temples similar to Bagan but smaller and younger. Apart from temples you can also do the trekking to Chin Village or if you want to observe life on and along the river, you can take a boat ride down the Lemro River to Chin Village.

Ngapali Beach

Ngapali beach exists in Rakhine coast facing Bay of Bangal. It was called Ngapali as a group of Italian visited there and compared it with their native town Napoli. It is said that Ngapali Beach is as beautiful as the world famous Miami beach in United States. The resort is extending over 3 km of white soft sand and covered with coconut palm trees. It is edged with blue sea. As it is unspoiled beach, we can enjoy sea activities like surfing, sun-bathing, strolling and so on.