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Shan State

Inle Lake

Inlay lake is 22 km long and 11 km wide. It is 900 m above the sea level surrounded by beautiful mountains of Shan Plateau. Inlay lake is the second largest lake of Myanmar. It is famous for its Intha people, leg-rolling fishermen standing up right at the stern of their boats and paddle with one leg wrapped around the oar. Fishing is done with conical fish traps which are thrust into the water and held down with one foot while the netting is freed from the conical frame with a pole. PhaugnDawOo Pagoda is located in the centre of the Inlay Lake. (the way Intha People stay). Silverwares, hand-woven silk and cheroot are the most famous products of Inlay.


Kalaw is well known for its cool air through out the year with calm atmosphere and surrounding hills offering some of the best trekking. It is located 70 km west of Taungyi, and sits at 1,300 meters elevation. There are many hiking trails through pines and bamboo groves. You can experience villagers way of life along the trekking way.


Pindaya is located at 40km from Kalaw and it is famous for hills around Pindaya, a nascent trekking scene and also for Shwe Oo Min Natural Cave Pagoda, a massive limestone cavern filled with thousands of gilded Buddha statues.


Taung gyi is a capital of Shan State in Myanmar. You can go along the town markets where Chinese and Thai goods are piled high. The biggest festival celebration is the fire balloon festival during Tazaungmon (the eighth month of the Burmese lunar calendar). Hundreds of different shapes of hot air balloons decorated with numerous different color and design are released into the sky to carry away the sins.

Kyaingtong (Kengtung)

Kyaingtong is the second biggest city in Shan State as well as the capital city of the Golden Triangle Region. It is the most attractive town both in culture and appearance and the trekking to hill-tribe villages such as Wa, Shan, Akha and Lahu that live in a separate different villages around hill sites.