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Do we require a visa?

Yes, Visa is required. You can either simply apply visa at the Myanmar Embassy at your country or get a visa on arrival. We can help you arrange for visa on arrival. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange it for you. Do note that there will be service charges if you require our help to apply visa on arrival. But for those who purchase tour packages from us, this service charges will not be charged extra as it is already included in our package price.

Are we able to use credit cards?

Yes, it is now possible to use Master/Visa card in Myanmar. You can make payment in most of the hotels and some of the restaurant by using credit cards. The maximum amount of surcharge is 4%. You can withdrawal Myanmar kyats from the ATM machines in Myanmar now, using your Credit cards. The limitation amount to withdraw per day is at most 1000000 kyats.

How are the Internet and phone cards?

The internet has well improved and there are many public cyber café shop opened for you to easily use an internet. Most of the Hotels provided you with a wifi free access. If internet connection is required for you at all times, do let us know so that we can arrange in advance to meet your requirements. Mobile Sim Cards are now very easy to buy. The cost per sim card is 1500 kyats and if you require a data, you just need to top up the amount and open the data. Data roaming services are becoming available in Myanmar. If you do not want to buy the Sim Card but would like to rent it, let us know in advance.

What are the best times to visit Myanmar?

The best time to visit Myanmar is from October to end of February which lies in the winter season but is not that cold. March to May is the hottest time of the year. June to September is the raining season.

How advance should we book your package?

We do suggest you to book the tour packages with us as early as possible. Last minute bookings are acceptable but you should let us prepared for the best alternatives depending on your budget and your travel period, since it will be quite hard to meet all your request at the last minute bookings.

Is the international airfare included in your tour packages?

The international airfare is not included in our package prices. We are very much delighted to help you arrange flights. If you required us to do, just let us know and we will quote it while arrange your package.

How many people can join your tour program?

We try to keep our group sizes not more than 15 as we would like to give travellers more freedom to move around and get more personal attention from our local guides.

Will I be charged a single supplement, if I’m travelling alone?

Our package prices are based on twin sharing based. But, we do provide you a single supplement price in our tour package price.

Are airport transfers included in your package?

Airport transfer are already included in our package if you buy the tour package from us. If you do not buy the package from us but required a airport transfer service, please do let us know in advance and we are happy to arrange it for you.

Are Tipping already included in your package, and if not, how much should is appropriate?

Tipping is not included in our tour packages, but if you want to give tipping, you can depending on your generosity. There is not limit.

Does your package include health insurance?

Health insurance in included in our tour packages.